LivAll launches its "Smart and Safe Cycling Helmet" in the U.S. Market

LIVALL successfully launched its new "Smart and Safe Cycling Helmet" in the U.S. market. Based in Shenzhen, China, LIVALL is the first smart helmet in the world that integrates communication, music, and smart lighting. With built-in Hi-Fi Bluetooth speakers and microphone, Bling Helmet enables cyclists to answer phone calls, allowing them to stay connected.

Brian (Bo) Zheng, Founder and CEO of LIVALL: "We have experienced incredible growth - particularly in the U.S. - that by the end of the year, most of the cyclists in the U.S. will know LIVALL. Having a resource like ChinaSF is invaluable. They worked with us on every need, and their staff are incredible friendly and knowledeable. I cannot thank them enough for helping us make a smooth entrance into San Francisco and the broader U.S. market."

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