Nanjing Chamber of Commerce sets up in Silicon Valley

nanjing US chamber of commerce.jpg

The Nanjing Chamber of Commerce USA (NJCCUS) successfully established a presence in Silicon Valley. The Chamber is intended to serve as a platform for both Chinese and U.S. enterprises, and also a bridge to link Silicon Valley and Nanjing and the United States and China, said Lin Qing, president of NJCCUS. A historic city that served as a capital for six dynasties, Nanjing is now a hub of One Belt, One Road, a development strategy that refers to the New Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road. Despite the economic slowdown, Nanjing has maintained 10 percent annual growth with its GDP projected at $15 million this year. Nanjing Chamber of Commerce could serve as a platform for entrepreneurs from both sides to exchange and share experiences and scientific and technological achievement so they could pursue a win-win outcome through cooperation. Find out more about the Nanjing Chamber of Commerce's experience locating to the U.S. here