Wells Fargo Grows Cleantech Business with China

ChinaSF facilitated one of the largest renewable clean energy agreements with China for Wells Fargo and the GCL Poly-Energy Group, one of China’s largest renewable energy companies. ChinaSF first recruited GCL to San Francisco and later connected GCL to Wells Fargo, presenting both companies with opportunities for collaboration in financing renewable energy projects. What resulted was a whopping $100+ million contract that called for Wells Fargo and GCL Poly to jointly build renewable solar projects across the United States. The partnership was expected to create up to 600 jobs, many of them permanent positions. At the same time, ChinaSF also helped raised the profile of Well Fargo’s cleantech work in China by introducing numerous Chinese cleantech companies to Wells Fargo and facilitating their participation in key meetings and events with ministries of development in China’s central government. Find out more about Wells Fargo-GCL's deal here