LivAll launches its "Smart and Safe Cycling Helmet" in the U.S. Market

LIVALL successfully launched its new "Smart and Safe Cycling Helmet" in the U.S. market. Based in Shenzhen, China, LIVALL is the first smart helmet in the world that integrates communication, music, and smart lighting. With built-in Hi-Fi Bluetooth speakers and microphone, Bling Helmet enables cyclists to answer phone calls, allowing them to stay connected.

Brian (Bo) Zheng, Founder and CEO of LIVALL: "We have experienced incredible growth - particularly in the U.S. - that by the end of the year, most of the cyclists in the U.S. will know LIVALL. Having a resource like ChinaSF is invaluable. They worked with us on every need, and their staff are incredible friendly and knowledeable. I cannot thank them enough for helping us make a smooth entrance into San Francisco and the broader U.S. market."

For more information on LIVALL's expansion to the U.S., please click here

Nanjing Chamber of Commerce sets up in Silicon Valley

nanjing US chamber of commerce.jpg

The Nanjing Chamber of Commerce USA (NJCCUS) successfully established a presence in Silicon Valley. The Chamber is intended to serve as a platform for both Chinese and U.S. enterprises, and also a bridge to link Silicon Valley and Nanjing and the United States and China, said Lin Qing, president of NJCCUS. A historic city that served as a capital for six dynasties, Nanjing is now a hub of One Belt, One Road, a development strategy that refers to the New Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road. Despite the economic slowdown, Nanjing has maintained 10 percent annual growth with its GDP projected at $15 million this year. Nanjing Chamber of Commerce could serve as a platform for entrepreneurs from both sides to exchange and share experiences and scientific and technological achievement so they could pursue a win-win outcome through cooperation. Find out more about the Nanjing Chamber of Commerce's experience locating to the U.S. here

Oceanwide's First and Mission San Francisco Project Deal

Oceanwide's First and Mission San Francisco Project Deal

ChinaSF helped link Oceanwide, one of China’s leading real estate companies, to San Francisco’s First and Mission project. The forecasted $1.6 billion project will include an estimated 2 million sq/ft of apartments, a hotel, offices and retail space. ChinaSF played a large role in helping Oceanwide seek out the opportunity in the San Francisco market and eventually brought Oceanwide, TMG and Northwood together. This deal is Oceanwide’s second major transaction since entering the U.S. real estate market in December 2013. For more information about Oceanwide's project deal, click here

Crystal Jade Establishes First U.S. Restaurant in SF

Crystal Jade Establishes First U.S. Restaurant in SF

ChinaSF helped Crystal Jade opened its first North American restaurant, located in San Francisco. ChinaSF worked continuously to aid the negotiation and registration process up until the Singapore-based multi-concept restaurant signed a lease to take over the 16,000 square feet of indoor and 4,000 square feet of outdoor space at Boston Properties’ Four Embarcadero Center. With ChinaSF’s assistance, Crystal Jade’s success in establishing its presence in San Francisco has created over 100 jobs in the city of San Francisco and created a significant local economic impact. For more information about Crystal Jade's expansion to the U.S., please click here


Wing Lung Bank Establishes First San Francisco Branch


ChinaSF successfully recruited Wing Lung Bank to open its first San Francisco location. Wing Lung Bank is headquartered in Hong Kong and is a subsidiary of China Merchant’s Bank. The work was a part of ChinaSF’s efforts to bring Chinese financial institutions to San Francisco in order to better serve Asian clients coming to invest and do business in the U.S. Find out more about Wing Lung Bank's expansion in the U.S. here

Bank of Communications Successfully Landed in San Francisco

ChinaSF began its relationship with the Bank of Communications in 2008, and has worked continuously to support the opening of its San Francisco office. The Bank of Communications, headquartered in Shanghai, is the fifth largest bank in China and offers unique RMB services that enable individuals outside of China to better control their RMB-denominated investments. The establishment of a Bank of Communications branch in San Francisco brings jobs and more Chinese investment and business to the San Francisco Bay Area, and ultimately reinforces the financial relationship between China and San Francisco. For more information about Bank of Communication's expansion to the U.S., please click here



Wells Fargo Grows Cleantech Business with China

Wells Fargo Grows Cleantech Business with China

ChinaSF facilitated one of the largest renewable clean energy agreements with China for Wells Fargo and the GCL Poly-Energy Group, one of China’s largest renewable energy companies. ChinaSF first recruited GCL to San Francisco and later connected GCL to Wells Fargo, presenting both companies with opportunities for collaboration in financing renewable energy projects. What resulted was a whopping $100+ million contract that called for Wells Fargo and GCL Poly to jointly build renewable solar projects across the United States. The partnership was expected to create up to 600 jobs, many of them permanent positions. At the same time, ChinaSF also helped raised the profile of Well Fargo’s cleantech work in China by introducing numerous Chinese cleantech companies to Wells Fargo and facilitating their participation in key meetings and events with ministries of development in China’s central government. Find out more about Wells Fargo-GCL's deal here