Our Progress

ChinaSF has facilitated and supported the expansion of more than 60 Chinese companies in San Francisco, and helped countless Bay Area-based companies make important business connections in China. ChinaSF’s efforts have directly created over 300 jobs in the Bay Area. For an in-depth look at our progress, please click here

Our Approach



  • PLAN
    Help introduce the US market and target potential opportunities partners. Strategize how to successfully enter the market while limiting risk. Help navigate cultural and regulatory differences between China and the U.S.

    Introduce Chinese companies to key government officials and private sector leaders in their sector. Connect Chinese companies with local providers for services such as immigration, legal, finance, marketing, venture capital, investment banking and more.
    Provide information on the San Francisco real estate market and help locate office space, as well as introduce incentive programs such as tax exemptions, workforce training programs, energy saving programs and tax credit programs. Guide Chinese companies through the process of registering a company at the federal, state and local levels.
    Help Chinese companies identify investment opportunities in the San Francisco Bay Area across a variety of sectors. Assist in identifying potential local investment partners.
    Engage Office of the Mayor, regional and national traditional media, social media outlets, and blogging community to promote and bring exposure to Chinese companies in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Did you know ChinaSF helped Crystal Jade open its first North American restaurant in San Francisco?

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    Utilize ChinaSF’s on-the-ground insight from its three China offices to inform San Francisco enterprises of opportunities in China. Equip companies to navigate China’s cultural, business, and political environment.

    Leverage ChinaSF’s extensive network and its unique standing as a public-private initiative to help San Francisco companies access Chinese businesses, industry associations, and government officials in their sectors.
    Assist San Francisco Bay Area companies in identifying and evaluating investment opportunities in China. Assist San Francisco enterprises in attracting capital from China.
    Engage the Chinese government, regional and national traditional media, social media outlets, and blogging community to promote and bring Chinese exposure to San Francisco brands and companies.


ChinaSF facilitated one of the largest renewable clean energy agreements with China for Wells Fargo.

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Our Results