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China's New Bank: The Birth of the AIIB

A Conversation with Michael Dee, Senior Advisor, and the AIIB President

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) is the first major new international development bank in 25 years. Conceived through a multilateral effort led by China, the mission of the AIIB is to bring economic growth to Asia through the financing of infrastructure investment. The creation of the AIIB marks a new direction for China’s involvement in global affairs and promises to bring a heightened level of innovation to development finance. With $100 billion of subscribed capital from 57 nations, the AIIB promises to be an important new actor on the global financial stage and marks a new path for China’s leadership in world affairs.

Michael Dee, Senior Advisor to the President for Finance of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, will give an inside look at the establishment of the AIIB and discuss the bank’s future role in the international community. 

By invitation only.