OTSAW Digital releases O-R3, the autonomous security robot

ActiV Technology, powered by OTSAW Digital, has successfully released its brand new O-R3 outdoor security robot, just in time for the CES Asia 2017 event. This robot combines modern 3D technology, machine learning algorithms, and GPS features to precisely navigate its surroundings. Armed with not only facial recognition technology but also a drone for areas of rough terrain, ActiV Technology hopes to replace security personnel with this security robot. 

Based in Singapore, ActiV Technology first came to Silicon Valley in 2015 with ChinaSF's assistance. ActiV Technology's aim is to become a leader in innovative technology, by providing high quality and reliable services and products.

More information about the O-R3 security robot can be found here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=HLooLzWtNts .