Financial Transformation in the Information Age

On Friday July 2nd, we had the honor of partnering with the Shanghai Financial Association (上海金融联合会) to co-host Financial Transformation in the Information Age, a forum on Fintech developments in China. After introductions by Vice President Fu Fan, Deputy Secretary General of Association of Shanghai Internet Financial Industry (ASIFI) Professor Meng Tian spearheaded discussions by detailing a qualitative overview of recent Chinese Fintech developments. According to Professor Meng, China’s combined efforts in industry, internet, and finance has the potential to provide an optimal platform for Fintech developments, but still has necessary room for improvement.

Next, Pillsbury’s Marco A. Santori delivered a summary of Blockchain and Bitcoin’s development, for which he was later applauded for his succinctness. “Today,” he stated, “China controls Bitcoin mining.”  Finally, President & CEO of Shanghai Homefax Financial Information Service Co., Ms. Zhang Qi shared insights from her own business practices, sharing risk evaluation methods of her trade.


About the Shanghai Financial Association:

The Shanghai Financial Association is a nongovernmental and nonprofit organization established by Shanghai financial guilds, financial markets, large financial institutions and related service agencies governed by the Shanghai Financial Services Office and registered under the Shanghai Administration Bureau of NGOs.

The association’s mission is to carry out national strategies by strengthening horizontal cooperation and communication between the financial institutions. This is done by giving full play to integration and synergy of the entire financial sector in Shanghai, pioneer financial reform and innovation, actively promote opening up, develop a comprehensive financial market system with abundant service agencies, financial products and talents.

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