Tēo Restaurant & Bar San Francisco Grand Opening

July 22, 2016 (San Francisco, CA) – Tēo Restaurant & Bar, the new SOMA dining spot showcasing Chinese-style Chiu Chow cuisine, has announced that they are now fully open for business. During its grand opening week, July 22 through July 29, Tēo is offering of a complimentary platter of signature dishes, plus $5.00 cocktails to guests who engage with the restaurant via social media.

 Also referred to as Tēo Chew or Chao Zhou, Chiu Chow cuisine originates in Southern China with little representation in the Bay Area. Chiu Chow cooking is known for seafood, marinated meats and soups based on fresh, quality ingredients rather than an abundance of spice. It embodies more subtle natural flavors and is considered by many to be healthier than other Chinese styles. 

Don't miss out on this delicious addition to SOMA's food scene!

Tēo Restaurant & Bar: 1111 Mission St, San Francisco - for more information, find Tēo on Facebook and Instagram, or go to TeoSF.com