Happy Asian Pacific American Heritage Month!

May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. 

"Asian Heritage Month is a time to celebrate the many achievements and contributions that Asian American and Pacific Islanders have made to our nation. Throughout the month of May, let us celebrate the rich and vibrant heritage of the AAPI community and thank them for all that they do to strengthen and enhance our Asian culture." 

ChinaSF celebrates Asian Heritage Month by participating in a TV special that features Asian Community Leaders in the Bay Area and their stories. It is presented to you by SkyLink TV as a part of their locally produced Chinese program called Bay Area Today (坐觀天下).

Tune in below to hear our Executive Director, Darlene's story as a Cantonese native raised in the U.S. and how her heritage has shaped her role as a major proponent of US-China ties today! 


為慶祝每年五月的亞太裔傳統月,天下衛視特別邀請了六位亞太裔社區名人來跟我們分享他們的故事。他們分別是:趙翠薇 Darlene Chiu Bryant,舊金山駐華辦公室總監;Wai-Ling Eng, Chair of RMHC Scholarship Program, Bay Area; Andrew Ly, Sugar Bowl Bakery 創辦人兼 CEO; 陳錫澎 Carl Chan, 華人社區領袖;蘇榮麗 Julie Soo, 三藩市婦女地位委員會委員;余翠雁 Sally Leung, 三藩市亞洲藝術博物館文化大使。

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