LIVALL Expands World's First Smart, Safe Cycling Helmet Line on Kickstarter

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SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- LIVALL, the company spreading the joy of smart riding, today announced it is launching a lighter version of its smart, safe cycling helmet (BH-60) in new colors designed for urban riders, and has expanded availability of its original Bling Helmet™ and smart-bike accessories through a announced on Indiegogo, LIVALL's Bling Helmet (BH-100), ideal for off-road cyclists who ride in low-light conditions with additional LED lights on top, and its Google Play and the   Ivory White and Sky Blue. Both LIVALL Bling Helmets will send SOS alerts to emergency contacts when a built-in 3-axis G-sensor senses an external strike caused by an accident or fall via the LIVALL Riding mobile app. To help prevent accidents, there's a built-in horn and LED tail lights on the back of the helmets that warn drivers, pedestrians and cyclists which way users plan to turn using a single finger press of the Bling Jet handlebar-mounted remote control.

Through an integrated design that limits distractions, cyclists can use the built-in Hi-Fi Bluetooth stereo speakers and windbreak microphone to make or answer phone calls without the deafening background noise. Texts sent through the LIVALL Riding app are automatically converted to voice messages for users in "riding mode." Using the Bling Jet remote control, cyclists can enjoy music while riding by selecting, starting or pausing songs, and controlling volume through the helmet's speakers. Cyclists have an option to use a walkie-talkie feature for close-range communications from helmet to helmet. They can choose to capture images using the LIVALL Riding app while their bike is in motion, or when pulled over for a pit stop.

The full Livall smart-riding system includes the LIVALL Nano Cadence Sensor, the world's smallest single-unit cadence sensor, and a phone holder and charger. The LIVALL Nano Cadence Sensor easily plugs into a bike's crankset. It integrates with the LIVALL Riding app to infer cadence, speed and calories burned, along with data such as slope rate, altitude and heart rate. The phone holder features an x-grip mechanism that makes it easy to remove with ability to re-adjust your phone within a 200-degree range. It includes a built-in battery pack, a Micro USB port, and power indicator on the side.

"Our mission at LIVALL is to ensure the safety and health of cyclists through our smart-biking gear and LIVALL Riding mobile app, and to deliver an enjoyable experience they want to share with others. We want to spread the joy of smart cycling around the world," says Brian Bo, LIVALL founder and CEO.


LIVALL aims to help ensure the safety of cyclists and deliver an enjoyable experience that they love to share with others. Founded by cyclists, LIVALL focuses on R&D, operations, marketing, and management of smart-cycling equipment. Based in Shenzhen, China, the company plans to expand its international operations during 2016. For more information, visit: