ChinaSF hosted the first ever ContinuumSF Conference

ChinaSF's largest event to date, the ContinuumSF Innovation and Credit Conference. ContinuumSF, which took place on January 27th and 28th, 2016, brought approximately 500 business executives, government officials and other attendees from both the United States and China together to stimulate conversations about innovation and collaboration between China and San Francisco. The Conference showcased San Francisco’s most dynamic industries,  featuring over 80 speakers and panelists from companies such as Uber, Lyft, LinkedIn, Indiegogo, Founders Space, Y-Combinator and WeWork. The conference was attended by influential Chinese business leaders and delegations of Chinese officials from Beijing, Wuhan, Shanghai and Chengdu. 


KTSF's coverage of ContinuumSF (Translated by Mable Huang):

ChinaSF hosted the first ever ContinuumSF Innovation and Credit Conference in an effort to promote dialogue and exchange between business leaders in the United States and China.

ChinaSF was established in 2008 and is a public-private non-profit organization that facilitate with cross-border investments made between San Francisco and China.

ChinaSF's executive director Darlene Chiu Bryant said, "There has been an increase in activity of Chinese investment in San Francisco, particularly in real estate as increasing values in the City has become a real attraction."

In light of China's recent stock market turbulence and whether it would impact economic exchanges between US and China, Chiu Bryant believes that instability of the Chinese market may actually drive more investments to San Francisco, so if we're just looking at that factor alone, it is good for the city of San Francisco.

Chiu Bryant pointed out that wealthy Chinese consumers prefer to buy high quality and healthy food products, and many look toward California for those particular goods. This is especially so for organic products which have huge market potential in China.

Other advanced technology companies such as Uber also see the Chinese market as a great opportunity, undisturbed with the prospect of any potential competition with other local companies when operating their businesses in China.