Guangdong, San Francisco see huge trade potentials

Repost from People's Daily:


San Francisco, Sept. 22, (People’s Daily Online) Chinese and U.S. representatives see great trade opportunities and economic cooperation between southern China’s Guangdong province and California at 2014 Guangdong-San Francisco Economic and Trade Conference.

Xia Xiang, Economic and Commercial Counselor from Chinese Consulate in San Francisco said that Guangdong province is among the first ones that initialized province-state cooperation with U.S. states. “Great trade potentials lie ahead between Guangzhou and California,” he said.

Brian Peck, deputy director of California Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development said that Governor Brown pays great attention to the trade and economic relationship with China. California attracts largest investment from China and there are broad cooperation bases for both sides.

Guo Yuanqiang, director general of the Department of Commerce of Guangdong Province specified that Guangzhou and California could work together in the areas of communication, new energy and environment conservation, bio-pharmaceuticals, as well as high technology.

According to Guo, the total retail sales of consumer goods in Guangdong have been ranking No. 1 in China for consecutive 31 years. Raymond Bracy, senior vice president of Wal-Mart China talked about the retail giant’s business expansion and experience in China. He said that sound business environment and the government’s dedication to reform made Guangdong a manufacturing center. He added, “Wal-Mart purchases many goods in Guangdong province and exports to our markets in 27 countries around the world.”

Guo said that advanced manufacturing industry in California boasts a great number of patents, nature technology and equipment, as well as sound industrial sectors which are also the focus of Guangdong. One day ahead of the conference, governors of Guangdong province and California signed an agreement to strengthen province-state cooperation.