2018 ChinaSF Roadshow

Beijing 北京| Chengdu 成都| Guangzhou 广州

December 3rd to 7th

ChinaSF proudly announces our 3rd annual Roadshow: Resiliency and Quality of Life

The ChinaSF Roadshow will explore the following areas:

  • Senior living: By 2050, the UN predicts, 1 in 3 Chinese people will belong to the 60 plus age demographic.  PwC estimates that between 2016 and 2020 Chinese people are spending 17 percent more on senior care annually. To learn more click here.

  • Healthcare and life sciences: Connected care is the future; 67 percent of the general population in China reports using connected care technologies to track their health in the past 12 months, and 92 percent of health professionals in China believe an integrated health care system is key.

  • Sustainable smart cities: The Chinese commitment to building smart cities is expected to draw in more than $230 billion investment in the coming years. The United States is China’s second largest source of imports for the construction industry, with a 13 percent import market share.  To learn more click here.

The ChinaSF Roadshow is the perfect opportunity to understand the nuances of both inbound and outbound investment and business as it relates to the Chinese market. Attendees have access to forums, networking with Chinese institutional investors, site visits, and more in each city as well as other fun and exciting events and activities. 

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Proposed Itinerary (Subject to change):

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